Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grilled Fish Taco's With Spicy Mango Salsa and Feta

Mango Salsa:
1 Cup Diced Mango                                       
1 Cup Diced Green Apple
½ Cup Diced Red Onion
1 Cup Diced Red Pepper
1 Cup yellow Frozen Corn
3-4 Fresh Squeezed Juice of Limes
½ Cup Cilantro
½ Tsp Diced Minced Garlic
½ Tsp Red Pepper Flakes
½ Tsp Salt
½ Tsp Black Pepper

Mix all Salsa ingredients together and let rest in the the refrigerator for at least 1 hour. Meanwhile Prepare your favorite white fish for grilling. I grill mine on the stove top. It works fine since you'll be shredding the fish anyways. I use butter and lemon, onion powder and salt, pepper on my fish. Grill fish until it's done. Then flake into chunks, set aside and cover with foil.

To prepare your taco: I lay down a small bed of sour cream on a warm flour tortilla. Layer on your grilled fish, Mango salsa, feta cheese, (add avocado if you like) and your favorite hot-sauce. Thats it!

Enjoy your fresh and healthy meal with a cold glass of iced lemon water.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Have you ever fallen in love with something from your favorite high end store, but you couldn’t afford it? Don't ever be discouraged when that happens! You don't have to settle lack of style because you cant afford something. A great solution among many people is (especially myself) look for great knock offs. They're out there everywhere! Look around and take your time, do your homework. 
For example. This great table from Hudson Goods (photo below) is a fantastic knock off at $1850.00 in comparison to Restoration Hardware's Salvaged Wood Trestle Table that ranges in price from $2695.00 to $5995.00            (to the right) 

Is the visual differences in light background and big name really so different that you'd pay the difference in over $4,000.00?  Even though this is still an investment at $1850.00 it will last several  generations and hold up to many family dinners, events, homework and grandchildren.  All while remaining beautiful with every moment of living life add more character and charm to the life of your investment piece.  Happy Knock Off Shopping!!


 Hudson Goods  Trestle Table @ $1850.00

Thursday, January 20, 2011

                   NO KNEAD BREAD        

This is a yeasted bread recipe from the book "Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day" by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois. In my oppinion this is the easiest fast bread that you can make. I believe that the idea of no knead bread came to many peoples attention in the 2006 when the New York Times produced an article on it. Since then the idea had taken off like wild fire. Allowing people who are time poor to produce bread that is of artisan quality with little effort.
6 Cups of flour ( I use a cup from a rice cooker that only holds 160 ml)
1.5 soup-spoons full of yeast (not heaped)
1 soupspoon full of salt ( not heaped)
3 Cups of water
Mix in a plastic container until all the four is moist and dough sticks together. It will be a "wet dough" but don't let that disturb you
Place the mixed dough in the container on the bench for 2 hours with the lid on
Then put in Fridge as you can store in there for up to 2 weeks. you can use the dough straight away but it will be rather sticky.
When you want to bake:
place some baking paper on a cutting board. Sprinkle liberally with flour
then place flour on the portion of dough that you want to use and flour your hands well
Remove the dough and hold in your hands. mould the dough in your hands carefully so the top is smooth.
Place on baking paper for 1 hr
After one hr preheat a pizza stone and a pyrex casserole dish to about 240 degrees celsius for 20 Min's
After that time is up, slip the baking paper onto the pizza stone and place the hot casserole dish on top
After 10 minutes remove the paper ( I just pull it out) but leave the lid on.
After another 10 minutes remove the casserole dish for 10 minutes.
After the 10 minutes remove bread and place on cooling rack for at least half an hour
Then eat slathered in butter... yum.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cottage chic from a surprising source

Sears may not exactly be the obvious place to prowl for a little contemporary cottage style, but then again, that's what's nice about the store's new Country Living collection: an element of surprise.
Yes, you'll find rooster plates (on sale and kind of amusing, actually). But other pieces, styled in the pared-down, pulled-back way, do feel crisply contemporary. The Kenned reversible quilt pictured here has the pattern and texture of times past, but the black-and-white palette puts the bed ensemble squarely in the present. Complemented with a glass lamp and clean-lined rustic furniture, it's a look that would be friendly to many homes — and pocketbooks.
The quilt comes in a set with two shams: $62.99 for queen, $71.99 for king.
The last time we checked the Sears' website for the Kenned design, the photo showed the quilt hidden under a checkerboard duvet. A spokeswoman, however, said the store's Web team had been alerted and was looking into updating the photo. Bottom line: Look here, buy there. In case it's helpful: the store locator.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Arguing the Validity Of Practical Thinking.

1.  pragmatic. 7. Practical, judicious, sensible  refer to good judgment in action, conduct, and the handling of everyday matters. Practical  suggests the ability to adopt means to an end or to turn what is at hand to account: to adopt practical measures for settling problems. Judicious  implies the possession and use of discreet judgment, discrimination, and balance: a judicious use of one's time. Sensible  implies the possession and use of sound reason and shrewd common sense: a sensible suggestion.

7.  ill-advised, unwise, foolish.

Are you the sort of person who loves name brands? We all love nice things, and lets be honest many name brands are better quality.  Due to the economic changes we've endured over the last couple years sometimes we cant fit it into the budget and have to settle for less. I have a solution. Lets analyze some impractical thinking and interject some cost effective solutions. 

I wanted to write about second hand shopping. Specifically about shopping for linens. Ewww gross!! Did you say that? Hold that thought and recall all the times you've stayed in a Hotel.... I hope you don’t  think that they've stocked your room with BRAND NEW towels, and linens. Some people don't mind second hand and some people really hate it. Those that hate it, I want to challenge your thinking. You can achieve such great savings with out sacrificing style.

Think about your resources. This can be a local thrift-shop like GoodWill, Yard Sales, and we all know about ebay and Craigslist.

Lets take Bathroom Towels for example.
I have a family of 5. If I buy 5 towels for each family member for a one week duration. (this is assuming someone is washing during the week, otherwise I'd be short 10 towels to make up for a full week's worth of towels)

So, If you priced out the cost of 25 towels at $20.00 ea. from one of my favorite stores, Potterybarn. My total sum would be $2,500.00 for the cost of 25 towels. This doesn’t include washcloths and hand towels or the other 10 towels.

REALLY...on towels that you'll dry off with and throw immediately into the hamper? I'd rather buy a new sofa every year at that price, or take a small trip with my family.

So what to do?? A great tip that some people might over look due to *Impractical thinking, is the usage of a fantastic second hand towels. I know what your thinking, but hear me out. You can feel good about a one time purchase of Brand New, Fresh & Fancy guest towels and your *Decorating towels. These would match your bathroom decor, and should be towels that don't move much nor do they get used daily if ever! Don’t be afraid to buy your everyday towels from a second had store. You may be surprised at what you'll find. I personally prefer to purchase Brand New hand towels and washcloths, as these are more affordable. Second hand towels are sometimes as low as $1.00-$5.00. Keeping them ALL in the same color, like white, they will be more cohesive. It may take time to build up an inventory, but you'll save ALLOT of money in the long run, plus you can have as many as you want without ever worrying. They might be different shades of white but will fold up nicely in the linen closet. 

I have tried purchasing the towels and linens from the local Target, Walmart, Ross or TJ Max, and Blah!! I prefer to buy nicer quality used/recycled towels that bleach out well and hold up through all the washings, kids, pets, etc. They Look crisp and new after every washing. Plus when one gets ruined I don't at all feel bad. So by doing this you wont have the instant gratification of having all Brand New towels, but as I said it will take time. You have to look often. Think of it as a semi monthly necessary purchase. By buying a few when your out and about. Your going to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

You can practice this same cost effective theory with your bedroom and table linens. Again recalling your past Hotel or Restaurant visits and keeping in mind that there really are some things worth the large investment and expensive purchase, everyday bath towels arrant on my list.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ham & Spinach Quiche

By Me, Wendy

Time: 45 Min
Yields 2 quiche pies

Easy Breakfast or Brunch
Cuisine: French

9 - Large Eggs
1 1/2 C - Heavy cream
1 1/2 C - Cubed Ham
1/2 C - Diced Onion
1/4 C - Sliced Mushrooms
1 1/2 C - Chopped Spinach
2 C - Cheddar Cheese
1 C - mozzarella Cheese
1 tsps - Salt
1 tsps - Garlic powder
2 pie crust

1. Mix together eggs and heavy cream in large mixing bowl then combine all other ingredients divide equally into two pie crusts and place in pre heated oven at 375° F for 45 min. or until knife inserted in center comes out clean. Let set for 10 minutes slice and serve with dollop of sour cream.


This is so fast and easy.  I make this the night before and bake it in the oven the the next morning.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, New Blog, New Adventures, Inner Peace, and Beauty Abound

Welcome to my Blog! I always have too much to say and write about, however this will be my first blog entry so bare with me, Im sure by the end of the week I'll be a pro blogger. 

This Year I plan to blog about my Exciting New business adventure starting Chateau Du Jour. I plan to write endlessly about wine, recipes, couture home fashion, family, essential and cost effective ways to transform your home, wardrobe, meals, as well as anything that makes the good life so truly good. We will do it together and we will do it on a dime. 

HERE'S TO 2011